Just in! Unique Ace Mousepad

We’ve been getting a lot of amazing, fun, cool and unique items over at our cute office supply store. It’s the favorite part of our jobs, testing out and falling in love with fun + cool office supplies. With that being said, we’d like to show you what we just got in this morning, our super unique mousepad:

Oh and it’s only $10. So worth adding a punch of something cool into your otherwise boring desk area.


Inspirational Graphic Wall Art

We came across these awesome prints and had to share. You know how we feel about typical corporate art so here’s an alternative:

Beyond world records and athletic prowess, the Olympic Games have long been known for the massive urban overhaul and construction projects that host cities undertake to prepare for the onslaught of visitors. With instant architectural icons such as the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube, the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing are a hard act to follow. When the International Olympic Committee (IOC) selected London to host the 2012 Games, many wondered how the city could top the design and engineering feats of its predecessor.


Fun and Functional Lighting-Coil Lamp DIY Kit

When I style a space I like to include conversation pieces and unexpected items into/around the workspace. I was thrilled when I came across this lamp and just had to share!

It’s a DIY kit for a minimalist lamp where you turn a frame, cord and bulb adapter–into “industrial art”. You have to get your own extension cord, which some may not like but I think it’s great because you can choose your own colors that way. It’s a fun way to add more lighting into your workspace, lighting you don’t normally see. After doing a quick search on 100 ft extension cords I found the following colors/options for this lamp:

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